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About the Challenge

K-12 students worldwide are invited to give engineering a try with the annual Fluor Engineering Challenge. Announced every January, the Fluor Engineering Challenge lets students use their problem-solving skills to design, build, and test contraptions. The challenges use simple materials and are free for all to participate. Try this year's challenge, and you may win a cash prize for your school or nonprofit!

" I just love seeing the students discover how failure leads to success. So many students were frustrated with their projects initially but ended up so excited about their outcome. We LOVE the Fluor Challenge! My students look forward to this challenge all year. "
Christina Heath
Jonesboro, AR   
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Annual Fluor Engineering Challenge

" My students enter the Fluor Engineering Challenge every year and love it. It is something different to our everyday science lessons, and it is easy to see their development in confidence and problem solving as they complete more of these challenges. "
Mr. Guyomar
Goomeri, QLD Australia   
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